Free and highly secure image host


All uploaded files will be encrypted using AES-256-CBC.

Domains SOON

Use one of our standard domains or add your own domain to the dashboard.

100% anonymously

Nothing. only logs that an image was uploaded. We do not know the decryption key for your images.



Download the Client here
Enter your user key in the Settings
alt + shift + 4 upload a cropped portion of your screen
alt + shift + 3 upload your entire screen


To upload files to you need to download ShareX from and create a user account

Create a .sxcu-file and fill it with the following content:

"Version": "12.4.1",
"DestinationType": "ImageUploader, TextUploader, FileUploader",
"RequestMethod": "POST",
"RequestURL": "",
"Body": "MultipartFormData",
"Arguments": {
"password": "%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra",
"userKey": "your-user-key",
"urlStyle": "query",
"domains": "[\"default\"]"
"FileFormName": "file"

Replace your-user-key with the key from your Account Dashboard.

For our standard domains use [\"default\"]
If you want to use your own domain use [\"own\"]
You can also combine these tags

After that double-click the selected file, to add it to ShareX and click YES to confirm it.